I used Marta’s Event Styling Service to plan two outfits for my engagement pictures. Marta was a huge help!! She was always available via text and email to help me find the perfect outfits. My fiancé and I looked great on the day of our pictures- thanks to Marta!
— Michelle, San Diego
Full disclosure! I’m married to this beautiful woman. I fell in love with her 12 years ago back in Barcelona, Spain. Part of what drew me to her was her awesome sense of style. With regard to my own wardrobe at the time, I was a fixer-upper (to put it mildly). However, I’m certain this worked to my advantage; making the world a prettier place is part of what drives Marta every single day. She’d have probably been bored with me if I was a snappy dresser with no room for improvement. As it was, she was able to give my closet a complete makeover. Furthermore, she taught me the basics of building and sustaining a stylish wardrobe (while minimizing both financial and emotional costs). Over time, I’ve absorbed her lessons and today, I can usually leave the house with nary a word of criticism from her. I can detect a real sense of her pride for me now for my ability to dress myself—and pride in herself for a job well done!
— David, Coronado
It was my wedding and I was in trouble. After months of toiling over the decision of what to wear, I was the less-than-proud owner of two new suits, three new ties, two pairs of shoes, and a withering sense of self-esteem. In danger of looking like a loser on my own wedding day, I called the one person I knew who could save me from myself: Marta Klinker.

It started with photos, then a Skype meeting, and finally, a week before I was to be married, an in-person consultation in Barcelona. We moved up and down the slick boulevards of Barcelona—Marta, even 10 years since moving to San Diego, still walking those streets like she paved them herself—until, piece by piece, she helped me put together a kit that grooms the world over would be wise to copy. As much as I’d like to think it was due to some magical cocktail of love and life and Mediterranean breeze on a gorgeous wedding afternoon, I know deep down that it was Marta who made my bride melt that day.

Marta is an artist with many paint brushes, and she knows which to choose depending on the canvas that stands before her. So whether you’re looking to impress on a first date, dominate a job interview, or rescue your own wedding from a style disaster, she’s the one who will make you look better than you ever thought possible.
— Matt, Barcelona
Let’s just say shopping isn’t my forte. It often feels like a chore and it stresses me out. I am a mom of two kids. I don’t have a lot of time to shop, but I want clothes that help me to feel good and look stylish. I need clothes I can wear to the park and play outside in. I need to feel comfortable sitting on the floor without feeling that something is hanging out or falling off. Although comfortable, I don’t want to wear sweat pants around all day.

I turned to Marta for advice. So far, I’ve gone on two shopping trips with her. She started me out with the basics. We found great staple pieces that help to create a variety of outfits. She taught me what to look for, what styles flatter my body. I practiced my new found fashion tips for a few months then decided I was ready for the next step.

Marta stretched me to try new styles I wouldn’t have tried before. My husband’s face was priceless when I gave him a fashion show of my new finds. He agrees that Marta really helped find my style.

I feel more confident now, not only in what I wear but how to wear it and when. I now find myself shopping for clothes online and I continue to add to my Pinterest and I look forward to more shopping trips with her.
— Janae, San Diego
I have known Marta for a long time and I have always admired her sense of style. Whenever I have a party or need advise on what to wear I contact her for her professional knowledge. Recently she helped me to pick out a dress for a wedding. Even though I live in Miami and Marta is based in San Diego, she created a pinterest folder exclusively for me with different outfits and she advised me on shoes, jewelry and hair style. Few days after, I went to shop for the dress and I had constant support from Marta via whatsapp. I sent her photos of each outfit while in the boutique and she helped me to choose the one that suited me the best. It was a fun experience, and thanks to her advise I bought a beautiful dress being confident about my decision thanks to Marta’s support. I truly recommend her!
— Pilar, Miami
Marta Klinker has been my styling secret-weapon for several years. Whenever the stakes are high and the dress code is unclear (“Urban Chic” for one event) or just difficult (beach wedding in January), Marta is the first person I contact and she never lets me down. Marta will send personalized pinboards, links to fabulous online shops and even approve or disapprove photos of outfits I send her as I’m trying to find the perfect one. There is nothing better than walking into an event feeling confident and turning heads - with Marta Klinker, I always do both!
— Kindra, Scottsdale
Marta has always had a natural talent when it comes to knowing what looks best on people. She doesn’t necessarily listen to what fashion trends dictate, but what each person needs. She is able to adapt to any style, event and lifestyle, keeping it simple and classy.

I am a personally a purist when it comes to dressing myself, and I have always been a safe shopper. I normally wear neutral tones and black, and I have a really hard time deciding what to buy when I am out shopping. Most of the time I end up very frustrated, and empty handed.

When I go shopping with Marta it’s a different story. It’s easy, efficient and I buy what I need. She picks out garments that balance my figure, complement my style and make me stand out. She always makes me feel comfortable, confident but I never feel like I’m deviating from my own style.

Her service was especially crucial when I was choosing my wedding dress and accessories. We did most of the sessions via email, since I live in Barcelona and she was in San Diego. When she was visiting Barcelona last summer, she accompanied me to one of the fittings, and the changes she proposed on the dress were the icing on the cake. Her minimalist approach also came through when choosing the shoes and the jewelry. She is all about balance. She taught me that less is more.

Marta has been working with me for years and I am so happy that she is finally doing this professionally. Not only does she make me look good, but she makes me feel more confident in outfits that I couldn’t have never imagined I could wear. There is no doubt that Marta has this talent in her blood because it goes way beyond just following fashion, she makes you look your best by revealing your best assets.
— Laura, Barcelona
You’re so cute! This is the perfect niche for you. Seems like you’re having fun too!! Last night I wore a dress for my Mom and Dad’s anniversary party and I needed a jacket and thought, what would Marta Klinker do? What have I learned from her style posts?? Bingo! A blazer! Viola! Suddenly I was pulled together! Thanks for the insight! I need to learn these things ;) You make it easy!!
— Maggie, Coronado
I have had the privilege for many years to work with Marta in all of her different capacities. Marta has helped me “weed” through all of my clothes several times. Through her I have rediscovered so many pieces of clothes that I had forgotten about, and updated them into new outfits with other pieces.

She has a very chic style and the grace of European that is well traveled.

I depend on her for any important events that I have, and I always feel beautiful and confident in the clothes she has styled for me.

Marta has also helped me with interiors in my loft/studio. She is an interior designer with impeccable taste. I am currently working with her in my condo in the Coronado Shores. She has a talent to be able to walk into a room and after knowing you and your style help to recreate your space with amazing impact.

Not only is she very talented, she is a lovely person to work with. Marta can help you update yourself and your environment as she has for me.
— Laurie, San Diego
Marta is able to create a friendly relationship between you and your closet and help you clean out or re-cycle your clothes. It was absolutely life changing for me and gave me the impetus to keep cleaning and organizing my entire house! She can also go shopping with you and with a very practiced eye can help you decide on the perfect jacket, skirt, pair of shoes or accessory that you need to pull your whole “look” together. Obviously, Marta is my “go to girl” in so many situations and I am honored to share my experiences!
— Joanna, Coronado
Marta Klinker was an absolute pleasure to work with! In a kind and thoughtful manner, she completely edited and updated my wardrobe to include only those pieces that flattered my boyish body-type and fair complexion.

The process was so simple! Pull it all out, organize by item type, try it all on, and be ready for constructive feedback. Once my wardrobe was edited, stylish outfits were pulled together using the items I already owned, and a “must have” shopping list created to help me finish my look.

Since learning how to dress for my “inverted triangle” body type, I feel more confident pulling together outfits, going shopping on my own, and saying NO to things that may be stylish but are not flattering for me.

Marta is great at taking your personal taste and “reinventing it” without forcing you into a look that is uncomfortable. Plus, she is the sweetest, most beautiful person, inside and out.

I highly recommend Marta- she is worth every penny and then some!
— Sydney, San Francisco
Marta, you have always been the fashion consultant in the family and have influenced and dressed all of us. Over the years you have had the patience to teach us how to make the most from our wardrobe and also how to create our personal style. Not only have you dressed us, but also our homes and our children. Your talent and good taste is also reflected in your interior design work, and the custom baby clothing you design and sew yourself.

I also really enjoy the personal shopping experiences together. You are able to see what I can’t see or even imagine. You make me feel good and confident, and everything you pick for me flatters my figure and most of all, I love it! You have awaken in me a love of bright colors and bold clothing combinations that I wasn’t aware of.

With Marta’s guidance you’re guaranteed a bespoke, elegant look.
— Angel, Barcelona